Adoption Journey​You have decided to build your digital workplace on Microsoft 365? You want to enable your employees and teams to work in a new way? Then ensure the adoption and ROI of your Modern Workplace with a carefully designed and competently supported Adoption Journey. We enable and accompany you in the design and implementation of your Adoption Journey.

The Adoption Journey begins with a good understanding of the Modern Workplace based on Microsoft 365 and the  adoption challenges that come with it. Based on your IT roadmap, the first step is to define the adoption goals for your company.

Next, the user groups are identified and their Modern Workplace Story is described: How will the user groups use the Modern Workplace? How will they communicate and collaborate: internally, across departments, and with external parties? What benefits does the Modern Workplace bring to the user groups? The Modern Workplace Stories are prioritized based on their urgency, scope and complexity, and implemented step by step. Before rollout, each Modern Workplace Story is tested for practical usefulness and user acceptance by means of prototyping and piloting, and is improved where necessary.

In parallel, the adoption team develops the adoption roadmap. The piloting of the Modern Workplace Stories is used to validate and refine the adoption measures. For the implementation of the adoption measures before and during the rollout, the adoption team recruits and empowers sponsors and change agents - because only with a broad adoption network is it possible to activate and maintain the necessary change momentum.

The (preliminary) conclusion of the Adoption Journey is a review of the quantitative and qualitative achievement of objectives - and, if necessary, the definition of further measures to secure the adoption of the Modern Workplace in the long term.​

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Collaboration Circle​Do you want Microsoft Teams to become your company's hub for communication and collaboration and the driver of a new, digital way of working? Then the Collaboration Circle is just right for you. It supports your teams right from the start in setting up and using their own Microsoft Teams workspace in such a way that the workspace and the ways of working are optimally aligned with the purpose and tasks of the team.

The Collaboration Circle accelerates the adoption of Microsoft Teams and enables team leaders to be a role model in the Modern Workplace and to become pioneers of a new way of working.

The Collaboration Circle is a self-organized process. Team leaders come together to inspire and support each other in the design and use of Microsoft Teams for teamwork, with the help of easy-to-use Circle guides and worksheets that promote good practices. These tools guide them through the Circle process from getting started, to designing the workspace and outlining ways of working, to preparing for team onboarding, evaluating what has been accomplished, and closing. "Ask the Expert" provides concrete and situational support and recommendations on demand.

Each Collaboration Circle consists of a group of no more than four people who meet for 4 workshops in a month, followed by 2 workshops over 2 months. The total effort for the entire Collaboration Circle is between 15 and 20 hours over a five-month period. ​

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Collaboration Canvas​Do you want to promote new digital ways of working and support teams in questioning and developing their own routine ways of working? Then the Collaboration Canvas is for you. It enables teams to develop a seamless way of working where productive personal work practices and efficient teamwork are aligned.

The Canvas process is embedded in the team's daily work routine. The process is pre-structured, but the content is determined by the team itself. This creates a high level of identification and commitment.

Trying out new ways of working becomes a daily routine and opens up the opportunity to continuously adapt and improve. The Canvas process is supported by a Collaboration Coach who offers inspiration and guidance on team-oriented ways of working.

The Canvas process consists of a series of 3 workshops and 3 sprints over a period of 4 months. The total effort is 20 hours, including individual and group work.​

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Collaboration Checkup​Are you using Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration? Do you want to give your teamwork a boost and get more out of Microsoft Teams? Then the Collaboration Checkup is just right for you. With the Checkup, you optimize the Microsoft Teams workspace for teamwork, strengthen the tool competence of team members and establish team rules for seamless collaboration.

Only when the design of the workspace fits the purpose and tasks of the team and new ways of working are consciously agreed upon and practiced, will you actually succeed in improving productivity and collaboration with Microsoft Teams.

The Collaboration Checkup supports you step by step on this path. The structure of the workspace is analyzed and the team's working methods are observed. Both of these reveal areas for improvements. The team leader and the team discuss these results together and agree on adjustments to the structure of the workspace, the use of tools, and the ways of working.

A collaboration coach supports the planning and evaluation of the checkup as well as the development of measures. The coach points out quick wins, offers good practices and recommendations and encourages to leave the comfort zone and set new, challenging goals.

The team leader and team determine the direction and pace of the checkup throughout the entire process and retain overall responsibility - because they know the challenges of their daily work best. This ensures the practicality and acceptance of the measures decided upon.

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Teams JumpStartWant to make the most out of Microsoft Teams and use it for collaboration within your team? Whether you are new to Microsoft Teams or an existing user – Teams JumpStart will help you and your team get started with Microsoft Teams workspaces.

With Teams JumpStart, you can structure and optimize your Microsoft Teams workspace for teamwork, strengthen your competence in using Microsoft Teams, and establish team rules for seamless collaboration.

A collaboration coach will guide you through every step of the process, pointing out quick wins, offering good practices and recommendations, and encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and try new ways of working.

Do not worry if you or your team do not yet have mastered Microsoft Teams workspaces. Once you have registered, you will be sent a link to user guides to help you acquire or refresh the necessary knowledge. Teams JumpStart will only start when you and your team are able to get the full benefit from it.

Teams JumpStart consists of two workshops and a Q&A meeting spread over a period of 5 weeks. The whole program – incl. preparation and implementation – takes 7-9 hours to complete.

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Hybrid Workplace and Collaboration Excellence.​
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Our Promise

Building a digital workplace, mastering hybrid work, and achieving excellence in collaboration is a learning journey. This is not just about IT tools and working from home, but about initiating and guiding a process that changes the mindset and the basic conditions of how we collaborate.

Navigating Microsoft 365 Adoption and ChangeWe guide you to envision and implement your digital workplace from an adoption and change perspective. We join forces with your IT and technical Microsoft Partner to ensure a holistic​ roadmap.​

Mastering Digital Ways of WorkingWe enable individuals to learn new tool skills. And we introduce and facilitate new hybrid ways of working that are conducive to getting things done, better teamwork, ​and realizing the potential​ of individuals.​

Achieving Excellence in CollaborationWe coach team leaders and ​enable teams to reach a more productive way of working by making work visible, trackable, and accountable. This enables hybrid work, drives team results and develops a high-performance team ​culture.​

Our Services​

Achieving hybrid workplace adoption and collaboration excellence is a unique challenge for each organization and deserves a tailored approach. ​Our services help you streamline and manage the adoption and change process while remaining distinctive and responsive to your unique challenges and goals.​

Adoption Journey​Ensure adoption and ROI of your digital workplace with a competently designed Adoption Journey.​

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Collaboration Circle​Lay the groundwork for seamless communication and collaboration with Microsoft Teams.​

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Teams JumpStartUse Microsoft Teams not just for meetings and chats but also for teamwork!

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Collaboration Canvas​Empower teams with new digital ways of working that improve teamwork and strengthen team spirit.​

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Collaboration Checkup​Get to the next level: Optimize the use of Microsoft Teams for teamwork and strengthen tool competency.​

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Our Proficiency​

With 30 years in organizational development and a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft 365 we bring together technology, processes and people to create a workplace experience centered on seamless collaboration and getting things done.

We are proud to have been nominated Microsoft Change Management Partner in 2019.​We go beyond the individual to empower whole teams and organizations. Reciprocity, reliability, and openness are the core values that guide our work.

​Because each organization is unique, we tailor every adoption journey to our customer’s needs and budget. In doing so, we rely on the IMPACT approach and the ADKAR framework.​

The IMPACT approach ensures a close alignment between the organizational adoption and the technical implementation of Microsoft 365. The ADKAR framework guides the adoption roadmap to achieve lasting change.

© The IMPACT approach has been developed by OSN together with Microsoft Germany​
© ADKAR by Prosci

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