Successfully achieve Social Collaboration.
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Digital Transformation through Social Collaboration

Social Collaboration is the key to Digital Transformation. Are you ready?

New ways of communication and collaboration are needed to let your business benefit from the ongoing digital transformation. But beware – there is a catch:

Technology alone
does not improve collaboration and
know-how transfer.
Teams do not automatically start networking and creating innovative ideas.
A company does not develop overnight into a digital organization.

Thus, mission impossible?
Not at all. We have the know-how and the experience for implementing and fostering Social Collaboration. Let us show you how to be successful.
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Our services: Four stepping stones for Social Collaboration

This is how we support your Digital Transformation

Your benefit:
Team-oriented collaboration, efficient work practices, seamless information sharing,
and an agile organization culture. These achievements form a solid groundwork for your Digital Transformation.
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Understand how it works

You cannot just go shopping for Social Collaboration, neither by buying IT tools nor by recruiting digital natives. You can achieve sustainable Social Collaboration only through a systematic change from within.

To this end, we perform various services and act in different roles – temporary or long-term:

  • Defining use cases, roadmaps, and change concepts.
  • Expert opinion and review of project plans, project organization and subject matter concepts.
  • Project management and coaching of project teams.
  • Give advice and guidance to decision makers on all hierarchy levels.
  • On-the- job support of departments or teams through the transition.
  • Train the trainers and change managers.
  • Involvement and contribution during the implementation and stabilization phase of the transition.

The list of our customers is proof of our capability and trustworthiness.

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Our method: Integrated project design and collective learning

Because the adoption of Social Collaboration is not only an IT project

Our IMPACT method combines IT, business processes and culture into an integrated project design.We emphasize on collective learning and encourage change in work practices and behavior to achieve sustainable adoption.

temporary diagram

project management
application development
infrastructure building & operations
skills and change management
business requirements management
& Scope
& design
concept &
& deployment
& pilot
go live &

In other words:
If you want to achieve Digital Transformation, you must follow the principles of Social Collaboration. That is what we do in our work.
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Get in touch and start
your Digital Transformation

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

See for yourself:
The list of our customers is proof of our capability and trustworthiness.
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