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While Office 365 continues to develop at a rapid pace and offer more and more collaboration tools of increasingly high quality, companies are at a standstill. Where is the innovation in collaboration? When was the last time you made any changes to the way you collaborate with your team or within your network or how you share information?

If you want change, you have to invest in change.

Changes do not happen by themselves, despite the new interesting options offered by technology. Collaboration Canvas provides an opportunity to invest in making on-the-job improvements within your team with minimal use of resources..

What is it about?

The team works on its Collaboration Canvas together by going through a moderated and structured process: What methods of collaboration do we currently use and which Office 365 apps and functionalities do we use for what purpose? What do we want to change and why? How can we achieve our goal step by step, sustainably and successfully? And what part of what we have worked on and learned as a team can we pass on to other teams, and in what format? How can our team help to change and further develop collaboration throughout the company?

What are the benefits?

Because each team uses Collaboration Canvas to work on the specific topics that are important and useful for the team here and now, Canvas creates a high level of identification and engagement. The Collaboration Coach helps the team to stay focussed and to master difficult situations such as differences of opinion or frustrations. The Coach also provides ideas on how the possibilities of Office 365 can be used for collaboration and sharing information so the team can learn about new constructive approaches and ways of working to suit a situation.

Because the learning experience is a direct part of the daily work routine, the problem of transfer to one’s own work environment does not arise. The shared vision of successful collaboration remains part of the team’s shared values after the Canvas process. Consequently, a Canvas process also provides the ideal opportunity for integrating new members into the team and for enabling the team to continue to work efficiently with its new composition.

Experienced Canvas team members can become internal Collaboration Coaches for new Canvas teams, thus promoting internal networking and sharing within the company. The Canvas process is also an ideal tool for supporting the process of introducing new, more agile organisational structures.

Learn more on how the Collaboration Canvas works and download the article.

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