Agile Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Why Microsoft Teams is the collaboration tool of the future

Social collaboration is an important driver for transformation into a digital organisation. Microsoft Teams can be used to improve collaboration competence and to support agile communication and collaboration. That is why Microsoft Teams is the collaboration tool of the future.

The launch of Microsoft Teams on Office 365 as competitor to the popular freemium tool Slack has received a lot of attention.

The chat function has become a symbol of a modern, agile form of collaboration.

Interest in flexible collaboration and open communication without hierarchical constraints is greater than ever before. Today, we all work  simultaneously in a number of different teams and the proportion of total working hours taken up by teamwork continues to rise. As a result, complexity at the workplace is also increasing: we juggle with different issues, tasks and priorities, and we interact with different colleagues, experts and other groups.

Learn in our article, how Microsoft's new O365 collaboration tool can foster agile communication and collaboration.

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